About Kimberly & Son

I’m in my 40’s and this isn’t my 1st website. My Computer crashed which is never a good thing, then……… A little over a year ago my host decided to shut down and take everything with him, including my money, several websites got lost along with mine.  I was lost for a little while on deciding if I wanted to even start again, it may have took a couple of years, but I’m back. If you find yourself confused about how your product ended up on my website, I have a confession (I’m a photo addict and I hardly ever delete pictures, I buy new memory chips.) So on this journey you will be as shocked as I am while I figure out just what I still have.  The only thing that has changed is I am a .net now instead of .com, since that was no longer available. Plus there will be an added addition this time, my son has started his own thing and is just making it branch out in ways I still don’t understand….. But I’m alright with not knowing everything because I would  get bored with nothing to learn..